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VendorPriceBook is revolutionizing the way Vendors share their pricebooks with their Retail accounts. Our mission is to offer Retailers and Vendors an eco-friendly and efficient web-based system that provides quick and up-to-date pricing and inventory. By working in a virtual business-to-business environment, VendorPriceBook unites Vendors with their Retailers through a process that transfers the most current pricing to an easy-to-use online catalog.

Our goal is to help businesses maximize their productivity by cutting waste and streamlining a cumbersome process. Retailers can now use this system and avoid the process of searching through hundreds of pages to find prices, packaging info, etc. Providing quotes to your customer can now be a click away.

VendorPriceBook is moving our industry into systems that incorporate modern technology to create a more efficient and socially responsible way to do business. VendorPriceBook is the solution towards merging out-dated, expensive and timely practices into an eco-friendly and cost-effective future for business operations.


  • Transforms the way Vendors share product pricing with their Retailers.
  • Incorporates modern technology to create a more efficient and socially responsible way of conducting business.
  • Offers Vendors an eco-friendly and practical way to instantly provide up-to-date pricing and inventory to their Retailers.
  • Allows Retailers to maximize their potential by giving them access to their Vendor's PriceBooks at their fingertips.

Why VendorPriceBook?

The concept of VendorPriceBook was created by a retail store owner. Retailers are going through great lengths to find product pricing so that they can give accurate quotes to their clients. Showrooms can have up to 100 different Vendors, which means searching through hundreds of pages and multiple binders of pricing. Vendors are frequently updating their pricing, promotions and other information, which creates confusion, inaccuracy, and misplacement on the Retailer's end. From a Retailer's perspective, we should be able to spend more time on selling the product than looking up pricing.